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Delivering Strategic Social Media Marketing and Innovative Content for Small Business Owners

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Editing

  • Writing

  • Consulting/ Substantive editing 



I serve as a dedicated account manager for my clients, providing website and social media page assessment, editing, and optimization. I create and curate valuable content and post for my clients in order to generate leads as well as increase post reach and engagement so they can spend their time running their businesses. 

I have extensive experience editing and writing for many different clients in a variety of industries. My teaching experience has equipped me with valuable presentation skills and the ability to communicate well to any audience. You only get one chance to make a first impression with your writing; let me help you make your best impression!

Helping individuals and small business owners develop a brand, market and promote products and  services, and write well to communicate effectively.

How to use:



Diction (Word Choice)








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My Portfolio

Take a look at some of my own writing samples, completed work for a variety of clients, and client testimonials.


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