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My Portfolio

I graduated with a BA in English from UNC-Chapel Hill and an MS in Technical Communication from NCSU.  I worked as a proofreader, technical editor, and finally as an Acquisitions Editor during my 10 years at SAS in Cary, NC. Leaving the corporate world to teach for 13 years, I've taught literature, grammar, and writing in a classical school in Cary, NC, and literature (including AP Literature), expository writing (grammar, writing, and SAT prep), public speaking, and Senior Writing Seminar in a private, college-prep high school in Huntersville, NC. In August of 2014, I started my own business in order to have the freedom to work directly with people, helping individuals and small business owners develop a brand, market and promote products and  services, and write well to communicate effectively.

As a social media strategist, I have experience optimizing social media pages and delivering valuable content for my clients on multiple social media channels. I have extensive experience editing and writing for many different clients in a variety of industries. My teaching experience has equipped me with valuable presentation skills and the ability to communicate well to any audience. I have a love of words, a passion for learning, and a preoccupation with excellent communication. 




My sample portfolio is a work in progress.  Please visit often to see more of my work.

This writing sample is a blog post that I wrote: Beware of the Eggcorn.


This is a business spotlight I wrote for a local magazine, The View Point.

This writing sample is a restaurant review I wrote for a local publication, The View Point.

Client Testimonials


It is both my pleasure and honor to recommend Hanna Schoenrock for your social media, writing and business communications needs. Ms. Schoenrock’s work in the area of social media and communications is exceptional, and will deliver spectacular results. Ms. Schoenrock is a person of the highest integrity and is a person who keeps her word. I have no doubt that if you engage this strong-minded professional, you will achieve great results in a short period of time. Sincerely, Julie Wozniak Client Manager,

I am absolutely enchanted with Hanna’s writing.  She quickly captivates her readers, then eloquently, yet seemingly effortlessly, carries the reader on a visual journey, never losing the story line in the process.  Her descriptive ability is superb, her characters compelling, and her storytelling spellbinding.  I, personally, become completely absorbed from the very first sentence to the very last.  A joy to read!        -- Kathy Post, N2 Publishing


Fantastic editor -- highly recommend!

--ServiceScape client


Hanna has been a wonderful person to work with! She invested so much time, effort, and compassion in helping my daughter and provided a positive, stress-free experience during the whole college application process. She inspired, encouraged, and brought out my daughter’s best! 

--Sharen Swintek, mother of  a high school senior


Professional and ahead of time...

--Client, International Consulting Firm


My experience with Mrs. Schoenrock was amazing. She helped me so much with writing my twelve college essays; from brainstorming with me and fueling my essay ideas to providing me with extremely detailed personal feedback on my drafts, I do not know how I would have ever completed my essays without her. She is a wonderful, intelligent, compassionate woman who invests so much in the success of her students!

--Ashlyn Swintek, high school senior



My son had Hanna Schoenrock as teacher both his sophomore and junior year.  In the fall of his junior year, he got a 12 on his SAT essay and a 740 in Writing.  When he saw the scores, the first thing he said was, “that is because of all the work we have done in Mrs. Schoenrock’s class.”    I asked him to be more specific, and he said that (specifically related to the SAT), she taught him the correct structure in writing, and which personal examples are powerful and which ones are not as effective.  He also got a 12 on his ACT essay.  I have seen how Hanna connects with her students and makes a difference both personally and academically.

--Cindi VanWingerden, mother of a high school senior



Mrs. Schoenrock has been an incredible adviser in reviewing my college essays. She delivers great finesse in her work. Her aid is invaluable, as I have learned how to strategize in writing a well-formulated essay. Most importantly, her disposition towards excellence combined with great teaching make Mrs. Schoenrock a great instructor.

--Stephanie, high school senior


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