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     I provide services for both individuals and businesses.  My clients have included small business owners, high school students, graduate students, aspiring authors, financial institutions, software companies, and consulting firms.


     Contact me for an estimate of work.  For writing services, please include in your email: a description of services needed, a desired turn-around time, a portion of the work you plan to submit to me, and any additional information that will help me understand your needs (particular style, UK English, and so on). All rates are based on type of service needed, complexity of the project, and desired turn-around time.

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Social Media Management
Please email with an inquiry. I will call you to discuss options. In addition to monthly social media management, I offer website and social media page assessment and editing. 

Editing involves making revisions to and suggestions about the content of your document. The process of editing focuses on ensuring clear and effective flow, proper sentence structure, consistency (verb tense, lists, citations, headings, and so on), and accurate and appropriate diction (word choice).  In addition, I will check your document for typos and errors in standard grammar, spelling, and punctuation conventions.  


Fees: by the hour

Substantive Editing

Substantive editing is the most comprehensive editing service.  In addition to general editing, I will provide assistance with tone, voice, syntax (order of words and sentences), and required style guidelines (academic and corporate).  This service requires judgment on my part; therefore, a document that receives a substantive edit will generally be sent back and forth with questions to answer and for author approval (and will require more time).


Fees:  by the hour


I will provide consulting for high school, college, and graduate essays, college application and scholarship essays, and other documents.  This type of service is more of a back-and-forth between you and me instead of a one-time submission.  I will read over an initial attempt and will return it with comments and questions as many times as needed. When the content is finalized, I will proofread to catch any errors in grammar, spelling,  or punctuation.


Fees:  by the hour (varies)


I provide local or remote tutoring for the following subjects:  literature, grammar, and writing.  



Fees: by the hour


I will write content for social media posts, articles for magazines (human interest, business and restaurant reviews), content for brochures and websites, marketing material, technical content (user guides, policies and procedures, learning modules), curriculum, and more. 


Fees:  by the hour 

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