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The following writing tips address common problems for writers and offer suggestions for improving your writing.


"Voice" refers to several things in a document.  It refers to the author's style, a choice between active and passive, and perspective of a paper.  Know your audience, and choose a voice with that audience in mind. Active voice makes a stronger impact than passive voice.  Finally, choose a point of view, and be consistent (1st, 2nd, or 3rd person).



Pick an appropriate tense (past, present, future) and be consistent with it throughout.  Change the tense within a document only when doing so is deliberate and necessary. 

Word Choice (Diction)

Diction within a document of any kind should be purposeful.  Always consider the audience as well as the goal of the document when considering word choice. Additionally, avoid repetition when possible.  


Know your audience, and write in a tone with that audience in mind.  Some examples of tone are: casual, instructional, formal, and so on.  Choose a tone that is appropriate for the material and the audience who will receive it.


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